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The new standard for

privacy first analytics

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful analytics for your online business.


Traffic Analytics

Get detailed reports on your visitors, page views, and more.

Privacy First

No cookies. No fingerprinting. GDPR compliant out of the box.

Edge Network

All interactions served via our global edge network.


PrivyBear is less than 2kb of JS meaning no bloat.

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A/B Testing

Create experiments and track conversions.

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Get insights into your visitors and their behavior.

We're just getting started. Even more features are on the way.


Monthly Billing
Yearly Billing
Up-to 50% off!

Basic Plan

For small, low-traffic sites

  • 100,000 data points / month
  • 1 year of data retention
  • Up to 3 team members
  • Up to 10 sites
  • Basic Email Support
Billed yearly

Pro Plan

For medium to higher-traffic sites

  • 1 million data points / month
  • 3 years of data retention
  • Up to 10 team members
  • Up to 50 sites
  • Priority Email Support
Billed yearly

Enterprise Plan

For enterprise offerings of any size

  • 1 million+ data points / month
  • 5+ years of data retention
  • 10+ team members
  • 50+ sites
  • SSO integration
  • API access
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